Grid Theme - Have Product Options Look like Theme Drop-downs

If you would like Product Options to look like theme dropdowns, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Online Store.

    select online store

  2. Select Actions.


  3. Select Edit code.

    Edit code

  4. Under "Layout", select theme.liquid.

    select theme.liquid

  5. Add this code to the bottom:
     function shappify_options_rendered(){
     $('select.shapp_full_width').wrap("<div class='select-wrapper' />").parent().prepend("<span class='selected-text'></span>");
     var newOption;
     newOption = $(this).find("option:selected").text();
     return $(this).siblings(".selected-text").text(newOption);

    add this code to the bottom

  6. Select Save.

    select save

That's it!

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