Create a Bold Motivator Goal


Bold Motivator's goals are the monetary goals you set within the app to display on your storefront. These goals show your customers how much they need to purchase in order to reach a specific goal.

To create a Motivator goal, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select the Apps option on the left-hand side of your Shopify admin

  2. Select Sales Motivator.

    Select Sales Motivator from your list of apps

  3. Select Goals.

    From Motivator's top navigation bar, select Goals

  4. Select Create a new goal.

    Under Actions on the left-hand side, select Create A New Goal

  5. Under "Step 1 - The Goal Amount", enter the Cart Total (dollar amount) required to reach the goal.

    Within the textbox under Step 1 The Goal Amount, enter in a dollar amount for your cart total

  6. Under "Step 2 - Make the Pitch!", enter the Initial Message (your sales pitch).

    Note: The message will display approximately once every 24 hours. If a customer visits during the day and comes back later the same day, it is assumed the shopper saw the pitch message and does not need to be reminded of it. The message will display to the same visitor if they view the site from a different browser or if their browser cookies have been cleared.

    Within the textbox under Step 2 Make the Pitch, enter a message telling customers about your goal

  7. Under "Step 3 - Follow Up!", enter the text you wish to appear Before the Balance and After the Balance.

    Under Step 3 Follow Up, there are two textboxes; the left side has a message for before the monetary balance (example: you're only), and the right side has a message for after the monetary balance (example: away from getting free shipping). Enter the text you'd like to appear to customers as they shop

  8. Under "Step 4 - Congrats they did it!", enter a Confirmation message.

    Note: Motivator can also accept most HTML coding in its display banners. This can be used to add references to URLs, other links, or styling. Visit W3 Schools - HTML for more information.

    Under Step 4 Congrats they did it, use the textbox underneath to enter a message informing the customer they've reached your goal
  9. Select and complete the optional features:

    Note: These features are only available with the premium version of Motivator.

    Picture shows the three additional options that come with Motivator Premium: geolocation for country-specific goals, scheduling for timed banners, and free product rewards

    • Geolocating: Goals can be targeted to customers visiting the site from different countries. One example is to offer free shipping to Canadian customers when they spend $100, and free shipping to US customers when they spend $150. Visitors from Canada would only see the goal to spend $100; US customers would only see their offer to spend $150, as long as you create two different goals.

      Selecting the Enable Geolocation checkbox will open two tabs underneath, where you can filter by country names, or select from a long list; the second tab shows which countries you have selected

    • Scheduling: This extends the functionality to set the date and time for the motivator offer to display. This feature uses the store's time zone, defined in the Shopify admin settings.

      Selecting the Enable Scheduling checkbox will open four tabs underneath; the 'from' date, time; and the 'to' date, and time where you can begin and end your banner. Underneath that is seven horizontal checkboxes from Sunday to Saturday which you can check off

    • Free Product Offer: When the spending goal is reached, a free product will be automatically added to the cart. When the offer is turned on, a copy of the product selected will be automatically created, and priced at 0.00, thus making it free. The product will be removed from the store when the offer is turned off.

      Selecting the Enable Free Product checkbox will display a button underneath that says Select Products, where you can choose the free product you want to offer

  10. Select Save.

    In the bottom-right corner, select Save

Next Steps:

Once you have created your first Motivator goal, you can adjust the display settings and the way that your banner will appear to customers. You can change the colours to better match your branding, and even move the positioning of the banner from the top of your store to the bottom.

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