Create a Sales Motivator Goal

Open the Sales Motivator App


From the Shopify admin, click on Apps > The Motivator

Create a New Goal


From the app dashboard, click on Create New Goal. Clicking on the Goals tab will also create a new goal.

Step 1: What's the Goal?


Let's get started! The first thing you need to enter is what your goal amount is. If you have some type of a reward, free shipping, free gift etc. at a certain spending amount, enter that here.

The amount entered using the shop’s currency settings. No currency symbol needs to be entered; just the value.

Step 2: Make the Pitch!


Put on your marketing hat! This is the message that will appear once on the customers first visit each day. Put something here that tells them what the goal is and what they'll get if they reach it.

For example: Good News! Spend $100 or more today and get FREE SHIPPING!

The message will display approximately once every 24 hours. If a customer visits during the day, and comes back later the same day, it is assumed the shopper saw the pitch message and does not need to be reminded of it.

The message will display to the same visitor if they view the site from a different browser or if their browser cookies have been cleared.

Step 3: Follow Up!


Now that your goal is setup and you've announced it when they come to your site, the real power of this app is instantly telling them how much more they need to spend to reach that goal each time they add something to the cart.

This is where you give that little message a little personal touch. In the two text boxes, type a message to appear before and after the balance amount.

Step 4: Congrats they did it!


Finally when the spend a little more to reach the goal the app congratulates them! Type the message to display, confirming the reward or incentive.

Premium Features!

Steps 5 through 7 are only available after upgrading to Premium.

Step 5: Choose your audience


In this step, goals can be targeted to customers visiting the site from different countries. One example is to offer free shipping to Canadian customers when they spend $100, and free shipping to US customers when they spend $150. Visitors from Canada would only see the goal to spend $100; US customers would only see their offer to spend $150. To enable, click the geolocation checkbox. A list of countries will appear on the left. Click on the country from the left to add. Clicking the country from the right column will remove. The country name can be typed in the textbox above these lists to filter the results.

Step 6: Schedule


Scheduling extends the functionality to set the date and time for the motivator offer to display. This feature uses the time zone setting of the shop, defined in the Shopify admin settings.

To enable, click the checkbox beside Enable scheduling. When enabled, four text boxes will appear.

Clicking on the first textbox will display a calendar date picker. Click on the date to select. Clicking within the second text box will show a list of times, in 30 minute intervals. Select by clicking on any of the times displayed. This will set the starting date and time to display the offer.

Repeat the steps to set the ending date and time.

Step 7: Reward your customers with a free product


When the spending goal is reached, a free product will be automatically added to the cart.

  • Click Select Products to open the product selector window.
  • Select one product by clicking Add.
    The product will move to the Selected Products section. A checkmark will indicate that the product has been added. To remove, click the X button.
  • Click Continue with selected products when done.
    The product selector window will close.

When the offer is turned on, a copy of the product selected will be automatically created, and priced at 0.00, thus making it free. The product will be removed from the store when the offer is turned off.

Heads Up! Liquid code must be installed to the theme files for this free product to be visually hidden within the store website.

Take me to the install instructions.

That's about it! It's an easy app to use that makes you more money by encouraging customers to spend just a little more.
✔ Enjoy the app!

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