What is the difference between Recurring Orders and Recurring Memberships?




Definition of app: A subscription membership is something a customer buys on your site that has a recurring billing frequence, for some form of service or exclusive access that you provide.

Example of usage: You might sell a membership for exclusive access to your site's content, a fitness class, or any other service you provide

Key Difference: "Memberships" are not orders of a specific product and memberships do not generate orders in your store. However, you can offer a service where your members all get a "monthly subscription" box, it's just not for specific products. Dog treats of the month, monthly make-up box etc...



Recurring ORDERS

Definition of app: A "Recurring Order" is when a customer selects a specific product on your store that they would like to order on a subscription basis. It can be one, or many items.

Example of usage: If you sell vitamins, this app creates an option on the product page that allows the customer to choose how often and at what frequency they would like them shipped.

Key Difference: "Recurring Orders" are for a specific product, and every month when the "recurr", the app generates an order in Shopify with the products to be shipped. It is not designed for exclusive access, or any "service", it's just for recurring products.

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