What's the difference between Bold Memberships & Bold Subscriptions?

Bold Subscriptions

Bold Memberships

Definition of the app: A "subscription order" is when a customer selects a specific product on your store that they would like to order on a subscription basis. It can be one product or multiple products. Definition of the app: Use this app to bill Shopify customers a recurring fee through Stripe. This fee is associated with a membership plan, which can be used for an online membership or offline membership.
Example of usage: If you sell vitamins, this app creates an option on the product page that allows the customer to choose how often and at what frequency they would like them shipped. Example of usage: You might sell a membership for exclusive access to your Shopify site's content, a fitness class, a dog-walking membership, or any other service you provide.

Key difference: "Subscription orders" are for a specific product, and every month (or week, etc.) when the subscription recurs, the app generates an order in Shopify with the products to be shipped. It is not designed for exclusive access, or any "service"; it's just for selling recurring products. The app itself is built for selling physical products, though can be adapted for other types of products. The app redirects subscribers to a unique Bold Subscriptions checkout experience, which is connected to one of our supported payment gateways. This allows the app to securely store the subscriber's credit card information for future billing.

It has a unique interface where subscribers can log in and manage their own subscription. 

Key difference: "Memberships" are not orders of a specific product, and do not generate orders on your store. The recurring fee is recorded in the application. You can make it so only paying members have access to certain pages on your Shopify store, and can gather unique information from customers when they sign up to be a member. Signing up for a membership plan goes through your payment gateway provider (Stripe), and does not use your Shopify checkout.


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