What's the Difference Between Bold Memberships & Bold Subscriptions?

If you are unsure if you need (or already have) Bold Subscriptions or Bold Memberships installed on your store, this article will help you identify the key differences between the functionalities of both apps.


As of November 2nd, 2020, only Version 2 of Bold Subscriptions will be available through the Shopify app store. If your store already has Version 1 installed, then it will continue to run as expected.

For more information on how to determine which version of Bold Subscriptions is currently on your store, please visit Identify Your Version of Bold Subscriptions.



Bold Subscriptions

Bold Memberships

Definition of the app:

Bold Subscriptions provides your store with the ability to offer products to your customers on a recurring basis.


Definition of the app:

Bold Memberships provides your store with the ability to offer exclusive access or services to your customers on a recurring basis. 


Example of usage:

Bold Subscriptions places an option on the product page that allows the customer to choose how often and at what frequency they would like the product shipped. They can then add the product to their cart and checkout as they normally would.

Example of usage:

Customers would select their Membership Plan via a form or button embedded on a page and sign up and pay for the membership without going through the Shopify checkout. The recurring fee is billed through Stripe.  


Key Differences:

Subscription orders are for a specific product. Whenever the subscription is set to recur - the app automatically generates an order for the product in Shopify, which you can then ship at will.

It is not designed for exclusive access, or services. 

You can offer many products for subscription or just a few. 

It has a unique interface where subscribers can log in to a Customer Portal and manage their subscription. 

Key Differences:

Memberships are not orders of a specific product. Memberships do not generate orders in your store. The recurring fee is recorded in the application.

You can use Memberships to grant access to certain pages on your store or offer offline services such as fitness classes or music lessons.

You can gather unique information from customers when they sign up to be a member.

Signing up for a membership plan goes through your payment gateway provider, and does not use your Shopify checkout. 

More Information:

To see more information about Bold Subscriptions V2, please visit Subscriptions V2 Overview.


More Information:

To see more information about Bold Memberships, please visit Bold Memberships Pricing & Overview.


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