Order Dates in Bold Subscriptions


In Bold Subscriptions, you have the ability to manage your subscriber's order dates.

A customer may want to change the date their next order falls on, they may wish to move up their order, or they may prefer being charged on Wednesday's, or the 5th of the month instead of the 10th. You can also adjust the day of the month their orders fall on, for scheduled billing.

For Example:

If you set up a re-billing date of the 15th of the month and decide you want to switch it to the 20th of the month, you can. Unfortunately, changing Subscription Group settings does not affect existing subscribers.

Fixed re-billing dates can be found in your Subscription Group settings when you choose a fixed shipping interval of every month  

In the Subscriptions app admin, select Subscriptions, then Customers.

Select Subscriptions/Customers

Once there, you can search via name or email for a specific customer, or just start to make your adjustments by selecting "Edit" from the main listing.

Once you find the subscription you are looking to adjust, select Edit.

Select Edit

From here, select View Upcoming Orders for a list of all future orders for this subscriber.

Select View Upcoming Orders

If you select the next upcoming order, you can change the date to any date in the future. Make sure to select the Save button when you're done.

Change Order Date

You'll notice the future order dates will also be affected, according to their interval.

For Example:

If their interval is "Every 1 Month", and you change their next order date to September 5th, their orders will fall on the 5th of every month so their next order would be set to October 5th.

Visit Change Next Order Date for an Existing Customer for detailed instructions.

  • When you adjust a customer's next upcoming order, this will erase any changes they as a customer, or a shop admin may have made to their future orders.
  • It will wipe out their designated skipped orders, possibly resulting in the customer being charged for unwanted orders.
  • This includes future skipped orders, and possibly quantity exceptions or adjustments they may have made for a specific upcoming order.
  • When you adjust their upcoming order dates, this means you are adjusting their future order dates - meaning new orders are being made for those dates based off of their next order.
  • Under "Upcoming Orders" if a customer has skipped a future order, the word "Skipped" will show under "Status" in their subscription. This means they've chosen to skip a future order. Reach out to the customer before adjusting their upcoming order date, to make sure you skip any future orders they may need to have skipped.

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