Order Dates in Recurring Orders

This article will teach you how to change the next upcoming order date for an active subscriber. This gives you control over when a customer's next order will be charged and created, and allows you to move up or delay a customer's next order date, or set it on a specific day of the month. 


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When would I need to do this?

A customer may want to change the date their next charge falls on, or perhaps move up their next order date. They may prefer being charged on Wednesday's, or the 5th of the month instead of the 10th. 

We often see stores change the date their re-billing falls on after using our app for awhile, and this means you can also adjust the day of the month their orders fall in, for scheduled billing.

Ex. If you setup a re-billing date of the 15th of the month, and decide you want to switch it to the 20th of the month, but already have existing subscribers. Unfortunately changing your Subscription Group settings, does not affect existing subscribers. 

Fixed re-billing dates can be found in your Subscription Group settings, when you choose a fixed shipping interval of every 1 month. 




Where and how to make the change

In the Recurring Orders app admin, navigate to the 'Customers' tab along the top.

Once there, you can either search via name or email, for a specific customer, or just start to make your adjustments by clicking 'Edit' from the main listing. 

Once you find the subscription you are looking to adjust, click 'Edit'.



From here, click on ‘Upcoming Orders’ to see a list of all the future orders for this subscriber:



You'll notice that their next upcoming order is in blue, meaning it's a link! If you click on it, you can change their next upcoming order date to any date in the future you'd like.


Make sure to hit the green 'Save' button when you're done! 

Once you click Save, you'll notice their future order dates will also be affected, according to their interval.

Example: If their interval is 'Every 1 Month', and you change their next order date to September 5th, their orders will fall in line with the 5th of every month - so their next order would set to October 5th. 



** Functionality - Warnings, and what to keep in mind 

Due to the nature of this feature, when you adjust a customer's next upcoming order - this will also erase any changes they as a customer, or a shop admin, may have made to their future orders.

It will wipe out their designated 'skipped' orders, possibly resulting in the customer being charged for unwanted orders.

This includes future skipped orders, and possibly quantity exceptions or adjustments they may have made for a specific upcoming order.

When you adjust their upcoming order dates, this means you are adjusting their future order dates - meaning 'new' orders are being made for those dates based off of their next order. 

Good news is, you can see in their 'Upcoming Orders' if a customer has skipped a future order.

If you see under 'Status' in their subscription, the word 'Skipped', it means they've actively chosen to skip a future order. If you see that, it would be our best advice to reach out to them before adjusting their upcoming order date, to make sure you skip any future orders they may need skipped. 



Feel free to reach out to the customer before making any changes. 









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