Recurring Orders Email Notifications

How to enable an email notification:

First, click on the edit icon near the template you want to enable:


Then uncheck this box..

Then you can edit the email to say what you like, and click Save.



How do I change which email address my emails are sent from?

You can edit the email address and name in the Email Settings of Recurring Orders:



Which email notifications should I enable?

Most stores should enable the majority of the email templates we offer, but by far, the most important to enable are: Credit Card Declined, Shipping Address Declined and Insufficient Inventory.


How do Shopify email notifications work with Recurring Orders?

Since Recurring Orders is integrated into Shopify, the regular emails Shopify sends to your customers will be sent to your subscribers as well.

Once we create a customer's order in Shopify, they will receive an order confirmation email from Shopify.

All emails that apply to a regular Shopify order after it's been generated, should still apply and send out to your customers.









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