Add Google Maps API to Store Locator

Store Locator requires a Google Maps API key to function, they are free and only take a few minutes to set up. The API key is how your store makes requests to Google for things like address lookups.

To create the API key, you will need a Google account:

  • If you have a Gmail email address, you have a Google account.
  • f you need a Google account, visit Google Account Signup.

To create an API key and add it to Store Locator, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Google Developer Console.

    select create project 

  3. Enter a Project name.

    enter a project name 

  4. Select Yes or No to opt in to receive email updates.

    select yes or no 

  5. Under the "Terms of Service" statement, select Yes.

     select yes

  6. Select Create.

    select create 

  7. Select Google APIs.

    select google APIs 

  8. Under "Google Maps APIs", select More.

    select more 

  9. Enable 6 Google Maps APIs:
    1. Select Google Maps Javascript API - > Enable - > Back.
    2. Select Google Maps Roads API - > Enable - > Back.
    3. Select Google Maps Embed API - > Enable - > Back.
    4. Select Google Maps Geocoding API - > Enable - > Back.
    5. Select Google Maps Directions API - > Enable - > Back.
    6. Select Google Maps Geolocation API - > Enable - > Back.
  10. Select Credentials.

    select credentials 

  11. Select Create Credentials.

    select create credentials 

  12. Select API key.

    select API key 

  13. Select the Copy button next to the API key.

    select copy 

  14. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    select apps 

  15. Select Store Locator.

    select store locator 

  16. Select Need Help?

    select need help 

  17. Select Google Map API Key.

    select Google map API key 

  18. Paste the Google API Key you copied in step 13.

    paste the Google API key 

  19. Select Save

    Select Save 

That's it!