App Discount isn't Applying in the Cart


Usually, this occurs because the browser isn't on the cart page (, but rather a preview page, such as a modal window or a window that "slides" down from the top of the page. This functionality is often associated with an "Ajax add to cart function". By default, Bold Bundles' discounts won't automatically apply in a cart preview. More information about this can be found in the "Bundles not applying a discount in a cart preview" section. 

Another cause of Bundles not updating the price of your products in the cart may be that your shop is using CloudFlare. Bundles also uses CloudFlare, and by default when both the shop and the app are using it, Bundles doesn't apply its discount. More information about this can be found in the "Bundles not applying a discount due to CloudFlare" section.

The app was developed to check if someone is eligible for a discount, and if so apply the discount on the cart page. This is because the discount functionality needs a page load, which traditionally would happen when a user is directed to the cart page from the product page after the add to cart button is selected. Some theme functionality, like an Ajax, add to cart function, prevents the page load by keeping the user on the product page, and prevents the discount from taking place.

The easiest solution would be to simply disable the Ajax add to cart functionality, and have the user directed to the cart page where the discounts would apply.

Visit Disable the Ajax Add to Cart Functionality in the Theme for detailed instructions.

Another solution would be to force a page refresh when the add to cart button is clicked, which would trigger the app's discount functionality. The user would be able to stay on the product page, which is the point of the Ajax add to cart function, but this would likely disrupt any cart preview from immediately showing up.

Another solution would be to change the "checkout" button in the cart preview to direct the user to the cart page where the discount would apply, instead of to the checkout page which would bypass the app's discount functionality. The app discounts wouldn't appear in the initial cart preview, but they'd still apply on the cart page.

What exactly can be done depends on the exact theme functionality in question. If this situation applies to you, please contact our Merchant Success team, and we can help implement a solution that works for you.

The following instructions will help guide you through correcting this issue. However, if you find that you are still having issues please make sure to contact our Merchant Success team and we will assist you further. Log into your account at

  1. Select Page Rules.

    select page rules

  2. Select Create Page Rule.

    select create page rule

  3. Under "If the URL matches:", enter:


    Note: Replace (mystore) with your store name.

    enter the url

  4. Select Add a Setting.

    add a setting

  5. Under "Pick a Setting", select Cache Level.

    Select Cache Level

  6. Under "Select Cache Level", select Bypass.

    select bypass

  7. Select Save and Deploy.

    select save and deploy

That's it!

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