Bold Memberships Information & Pricing

Bold Memberships allows you to run any type of membership on your store and charge a recurring membership fee for it via Stripe. You can offer sophisticated memberships which show different content, including specific products, collections, pages, blog posts and so much more, or basic memberships for offline services such as fitness classes or piano lessons.


PayPal is also available as a payment gateway in Bold Memberships, however, as of December 31st, 2020, Bold Memberships will not be able to offer PayPal as a payment gateway for EU stores or EU customers affected by SCA requirements. Please visit Bold Memberships - SCA Impact to PayPal FAQ for more information on the support being offered for PayPal.

When a free or paid membership plan has been purchased by a customer, a tag will be added to the customers account automatically and a notification email will be sent to their email address. A notification email will not be sent if a customer is invited to a free membership from within the app.

Bold Memberships will send the transaction details over to the Stripe account that is connected within the app to process the payment. When the transaction has been successfully captured, the customer information, such as the name and email is then added into the Bold Memberships app, along with a transaction record.


Bold Memberships is not capable of creating Shopify orders for new Membership signups or existing membership renewals. If you would like an order to generate in your Shopify admin by having your customers purchase a product through the Shopify checkout page, this can be achieved with our Bold Subscriptions app. For more information, please visit What's the Difference Between Bold Memberships & Bold Subscriptions?


Removing the app will automatically cancel all of your membership plans.





Third party page builder apps cannot be used alongside Bold Memberships at this time. In order for Bold Memberships to function correctly, we recommend removing the third party page builder app and the liquid code from your store.

Memberships requires an installation in order to function correctly on your site. There are adjustments that the app must make on your theme for it to display the correct information to your customers, such as product pricing, collections, individual pages, etc.

Please visit Bold Memberships Code Install Instructions for more information on how to insert the app's code or request assistance.

Memberships can be installed through the following link below:

Curious on how Bold Memberships looks on the storefront? Feel free to view our demo store for Bold Memberships here!




Bold Memberships' app pricing is based on the number of members you have. As you grow, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Members Pricing (Monthly)
Up to 50 $9.99
Up to 100 $19.99
Up to 1,000 $49.99
Up to 5,000 $199.99
Up to 10,000 $299.99
10,000 and up Contact our Merchant Success team

The monthly app charges are added to your Shopify invoice for the period Memberships remains installed.

Stripe will apply its standard processing fees to any money received. The exact fees may vary by country, or special arrangements or promotions with your account; the typical fee is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

Payments processed through Stripe are charged an additional 1% transaction fee from Bold. These transactions can be viewed in your Stripe monthly invoice that can be located within your Stripe account.

Within Memberships, in the top navigation menu, select Change Plans.

From here, you can select a new app price tier for the number of members in your store, or what you anticipate to have soon.

If you have reached the highest plan tier and require additional members, please contact our Merchant Success team to discuss further upgrades.

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