Recurring Memberships Information & Pricing

Bold's Recurring Memberships app pricing is based on the number of members you have. As you grow, you will need to upgrade your plan.

Members Pricing (Monthly)
Up to 50 $9.99
Up to 100 $19.99
Up to 1,000 $49.99
Up to 5,000 $199.99
Up to 10,000 $299.99
10,000 and Up Email our Support Wizards

Recurring Memberships starts with a 30-day free trial when you first follow the Recurring Memberships Install Instructions to install it on your Shopify store. The monthly app charges are added to your Shopify invoice for the period Recurring Memberships remains installed. To stop the app charges, follow the Remove an App from Your Store instructions.


Removing the app will automatically cancel all your membership plans.

Stripe and Paypal will apply their standard processing fees to any money received. The exact fees may vary by country, or special arrangements or promotions with your account, the typical fee is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.

There are never any added fees for your member customers to pay their membership.

Within Recurring Memberships, in the top navigation menu, select Change Plans.

From here you can select a new app price tier for the number of members in your store, or what you anticipate to have soon.

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