Get Started with Custom Pricing


With Custom Pricing you can create alternative pricing tiers for your products and allow certain customers access to this special pricing. 

The additional Quantity Breaks module gives you the flexibility to offer quantity based discounts to your customers. When using this with the wholesale functionality of Custom Pricing, you can offer different quantity discounts to various groups of wholesale clients.

Not sure how to get started with Custom Pricing? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you on your way:

  1. Install Custom Pricing - Custom Pricing Install Instructions.
  2. Enable Quantity Breaks in Custom Pricing.
  3. Enable Customer Accounts (links to Shopify website).
  4. Create a Customer Pricing Tag.
  5. Create Product Groups.
  6. Apply a Customer Pricing Tag to a Customer Account.

By default, the Draft Orders method is supplied on new installs of Custom Pricing, for detailed information on the different methods, visit Discount Methods in Custom Pricing. To switch, visit Switch Discount Methods in Custom Pricing.

For more information on Custom Pricing, visit Bold Commerce - Custom Pricing (Wholesale + Quantity Breaks).

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