Remove App Tag Names from Product and Cart Pages

Removing the tags from the variant selectors on the product page

Add this to the bottom of theme.liquid file (this requires the latest code snippets to be installed):


jQuery(window).bind("load", function () {

$.each($('.single-option-selector option'), function(index, obj){
if(typeof(bold_option_clean_names)==='object' && typeof(bold_option_clean_names[$(obj).text()])!='undefined')



Removing the tags from the variant titles in the cart page

Find {% for item in cart.items %} in the cart.liquid file and add the following below it:

{% assign strip_tag = item.variant.metafields.shappify_csp.csp_tag | append: ')' | prepend: '(' %}


Look for where the item title is displayed.  The line may differ by theme, but can look similar to this:

<a href="{{ item.product.url }}">{{ item.title | escape }}


At the end of the line, add the code that is bolded below to the line:

<a href="{{ item.product.url }}">{{ item.title | escape | remove: strip_tag  }}


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