Offer Free Shipping with Sales Motivator

This article will guide you in setting up Sales Motivator to promote an offer for free shipping.  In this example, we want to offer free shipping to all customers that spend $100 or more.

Step 1: Create a goal.  Enter the value of 100.  No currency symbol is needed.


Step 2: Write a short message to be displayed when the customer visits the store.  For example, "Free shipping today on orders $100 or more"


Step 3: Each time the cart value is changed, a message will show how much more the customer needs to spend to reach the goal.


Step 4: Let the customer know they reached the spending goal.


Step 5: In Shopify, click on Settings > Shipping.  


Step 6: Under the shipping zones section, click Add Shipping Rate.

When adding a shipping rate, leave the dropdown as Free Shipping.  Give the shipping service a name that is displayed at checkout.  Leave the condition as order price.  Enter the minimum value.  In this example, we want free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

Every customer that spends $100, or whatever value you choose will automatically receive free shipping on their order.


If you change the spending goal for free shipping, keep in mind you will need to update the shipping rate in your store settings.


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