Marketplace - Version 2.0 - Release Notes : Merchant Portal Updates & General Bug Fixes

Some key features and a number bug fixes have been implemented to kick off the 2016 calendar year.

We've added a payment function to allow other payment methods besides PayPal. If you prefer to pay your merchants through cheques or bank transfers, or if you are a brick and mortar business as well as online, you can use this manual payment method to open up some possibilities. Merchants will still require a PayPal account to register. However, you won't have to apply payments through PayPal. 


Now when you enter your payments tab, you'll be able to select the orders you want to pay outside of PayPal and select "Mark as paid". An email template has been added to the Email Settings tab so that store owners can customize the message sent to the merchant. You'll also notice we added some search filters to the payments tab, as well as a "Group by Merchant" checkbox to facilitate the payments process.

The merchant portal was the subject of a lot of significant improvements. One highly requested feature was to allow editing of the merchant portal so store owners could style their portal to be more relevant to their brand. Now we've added the ability to use custom CSS through Settings -> General Settings -> Merchant Portal Settings.

We've also added variant specific details to the merchant portal so variant specific inventory tracking, weight management, and shipping necessity can be added. Now merchants will be able to effectively manage their product inventory as well as helpful shipping information.

Merchants can add custom tags during product creation/editing; as well as choose whether or not to publish or hide their product without removing it so they can re-stock inventory.

On top of that, merchants have the opportunity to print the shipping and fulfillment information, during or after fulfilling orders. You can create a packing slip or label to send with your physical orders upon shipping.

Along with the visible features, we also addressed some bugs to help improve the user experience for the store owner. Changing the global commission rate for the store will now run a batch to update all categories and products using the global commission rate.

These are just some of the features and fixes included in this release. We are excited to expand the app's functionality to make it a more versatile tool for you! Feel free to check out the complete list of Marketplace's latest additions here: Marketplace Release Notes.