Marketplace - Release Notes

v 2.1.0 - (June 28, 2016)

Digital Download Feature Additions - Direct Support for Digital Downloads

  • Added digital settings tab. Includes file extensions, usable hours and maximum download limit.
  • Added digital orders tab. Separate from physical unfulfilled orders.
  • New terms and conditions to accept for Digital Downloads feature.
  • Added product format to product creation via merchant portal.
  • Added manual vs automatic fulfillment for product creation.
  • Added secondary attachment page for digital files to merchant portal and admin.
  • Added "Incomplete" product status to product listing in merchant portal.
  • Added edit attachment, product info to product edit functions.
  • Added new e-mail template for Digital Downloads.

Added Extras

  • Merchant portal sort arrows.
  • App admin sort arrows.
  • Add custom registration field type to allow for binding terms and conditions.
  • Added CSRF tokens.
  • Ability for merchant to edit registration e-mail address.

Plus several bug fixes including:

    • Setup wizard shipping wording inconsistency.
    • Inventory defaulting to 1 when not entering an inventory.
    • Merchant portal now receives proper appendage when creating a product with a duplicate title.
    • Merchant portal staying active after store owner removed the app.
    • Merchant approval e-mail sending to auto-approved registrants regardless of being disabled.


v 2.0.4 - (June 6, 2016)

  • Fixed timeout errors due to excess of shipping zones.

v 2.0.3 - (May 24, 2016)

  • Fixed lost images issue.
  • Fixed accordion shipping regions that weren't saving shipping rates properly.

v 2.0.2 - (May 12, 2016)

  • Fixed commission rate to support decimal points.

v 2.0.1 - (April 26, 2016)

  • Fixed merchant portal fulfillment modal, double clicking fulfill button partially fulfilling order.

v 2.0.0 - (Feb 29, 2016)

  • Support added for CSS editing within the merchant portal.
  • Added manual "Mark as Paid" payment function.
  • Enhancement added for merchants to publish/hide products.
  • Ability to print shipping label from fulfilment page.
  • Tagging products from merchant portal
  • Added variant specific weight tracking
  • Added variant specific inventory tracking
  • New feature to add 'Requires Shipping' setting.
  • 'Save and add new' button added to category creating
  • Payment page filters/pagination/orders & details.
  • Turn on compare at price on add/edit product pages.
  • Admin required to re-assign categories before deleting categories associated with a category group
  • Confirmation and warning upon attempting to delete categories.

Plus several bug fixes including:

    • Fixed custom pages which do not require login to see.
    • Fixed Edit/Delete Products, Shipping Settings dropdowns to fit in Settings page
    • Squashed annoying bug where "Don't show me again" not going away.
    • Commission alterations incorrectly changing commission prices in merchant portal, fixed error when result is 0.5 not rounding properly, fixed commission sync after global commission update.
    • Fixed dynamic commission alterations
    • Custom registration fields preview button not working after changing subdomain URL.
    • Image header not saving.
    • Fixed order reminder email not sending.
    • Progress bar not disappearing upon completion of setup.
    • Nuked a random 'd' appearing in the shipping table.
    • Fixed Save & Approve buttons in admin product pages.
    • Saving Email settings settings reverted back to previous settings.
    • Fixed styling issues, % field in category editor, and in tutorial progress bar.
    • Fixed dynamic currency switching.
    • Fixed auto-approve merchant e-mail.
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