How do customers redeem points?

When a customer is logged in and has enough points to buy a product, a "Buy with Points" button will appear. 

It will look something like this: 

* If they don't have enough points, the button will be disabled and show how many points short they are. 

When you click "Buy with Points" a modal will appear for the customer to confirm their shipping info, or change it. Once they confirm the shipping info they click "Buy" and they're done! 

Key things to note

  • Buying with points does not currently use the standard Shopify checkout. We are working on that as we speak. In the meantime, customers can buy any products they like with points, but one product at a time.
  • When buying a product with points, there is no shipping charge. So keep that in mind when you set up how much it costs to redeem points to buy something. 

  • When a customer places a "Points Order" it creates a regular order in Shopify that you can manage with all your other orders. There are just a few small differences. The balance will be $0.00, it will be tagged with a special tag so you can filter them, and notes will be added. 
  • The screenshot of the order below is the exact order of the one placed in the above animation. 


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