Set up Bold Managed Shipping

Bold Marketplace comes with 4 different types of shipping settings within the app.  The 3 basic shipping methods: No Shipping, Split Shipping and Full Shipping.  Then there is the 4th which is Bold Managed Shipping.  


If you have a Shopify Unlimited account or higher, by default you'll have access to our Bold Managed Shipping setting.  However, if don't have an account that high, that's okay because on most other Shopify accounts, you can purchase the carrier calculated shipping upgrade through your Shopify shipping page.


While you're on your Shopify shipping settings page, you may have established some shipping zones and shipping rates already on your store that might look like this.


Now, by default the Marketplace app's shipping setting is set to No Shipping.

So all of those 3 basic shipping methods use the existing shipping rates on your Shopify store to determine what the shipping cost to the customer will be.  To learn more, click here.  However, as a store owner of a marketplace, you may want to allow your merchants to set their own shipping rates for their products.  Bold Managed Shipping allows you to do just that!


So let's walk through how to set it up.  The first step is making sure that you have the carrier calculated shipping upgrade purchased through the Shopify shipping settings.  Once you have that purchased, stay on your Shopify settings and remove all the rates from your existing shipping zones.  Just click on the rate, and then click "Delete Zone"


Once you done that for all of your existing shipping zones, your settings should appear like this.

The reason we do this is so when a customer makes a purchase, they don't have several shipping options to choose from which causes conflict with the payment structure of the app.  This is also why we recommend if you are using Bold Managed Shipping and you are selling products on your own store, that you should create yourself as a merchant through Marketplace and create your products like the rest of your merchants.  That way, consistency is maintained through all of the shipping rules!


At this point, you are ready to set up the Bold Managed Shipping setting!  The first step is to go into the app admin, and enter the General Settings.  Scroll down to the shipping settings, and click the (Re)Install Bold Shipping button.


Then switch your existing shipping setting over to Bold Managed Shipping and click Save!


You will see this modal pop-up reminding you to remove your existing rates from your Shopify shipping settings.


After going through this process, your Shopify shipping settings will now look like this.


So now, in each merchant's portal, a table like this appears near the bottom of each product creation/edit page.  This allows merchants to select which areas of the store's shipping zones and create their own rates specific to their location.


If you click the drop down, the individual territories available in that region will be displayed to be even more specific.


Now you're all ready to set up your Bold Managed Shipping rates!  Now when a customer purchases Marketplace products, each rate will be added to the customers shipping fee for every separate line item in the cart, and each merchant will receive the shipping rates paid on each of their products!


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