Set up Bold Managed Shipping


Bold Marketplace comes with four different types of shipping settings: No Shipping, Split Shipping and Full Shipping. The fourth, advanced shipping setting is Bold Managed Shipping. 

Visit Shipping Fee Payment Rules in Marketplace for more information on shipping rules.

If you have a Shopify Unlimited account or higher, you'll have access to Bold Managed Shipping. If you don't have an account that high, you can purchase the carrier calculated shipping upgrade through your Shopify shipping page found under Settings -> Shipping.

In the Shopify shipping settings page, you may have established some shipping zones and shipping rates. The three basic shipping methods in Marketplace (No Shipping, Split Shipping and Full Shipping) use these settings. 

As a store owner of a marketplace, you may want to allow your merchants to set their own shipping rates for their products. Bold Managed Shipping allows you to do that.

To set up Bold Managed Shipping with the carrier calculated shipping upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Settings.

    select settings 

  2. Select Shipping.

    select shipping 

  3. Under "Shipping Zones", select Edit next to the first shipping zone.

    select edit 

  4. Select X next to each "Shipping Rate" to delete them all, one by one.

    select x 

  5. Select Save.

    select save 

  6. Select Shipping.

    select shipping 

  7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 to delete all rates from every zone.

    repeat steps 4-6 

  8. Select Apps.

    select apps 

  9. Select Marketplace by Bold.

    select Marketplace by Bold 

  10. Select Settings.

    select Settings 

  11. Select General Settings.

    Select General Settings 

  12. Next to "(Re)Install Bold Shipping", select Reinstall Carrier Service.

    Select Reinstall Carrier Service 

  13. Next to "Shipping Fee Payment Rule", select BOLD Managed Shipping - Shipping Fee Set by Product.

    Select Bold Managed Shipping 

  14. Select OK in the pop-up window.

    Select OK 

  15. Select Save.

    Select Save 

After going through this process, your Shopify shipping settings will look like this:

Shopify Shipping Settings

In each merchant's portal, a table like this appears near the bottom of each product creation/edit page. This allows merchants to select shipping zones and create their own rates specific to their location.

Shipping Table

If you select the drop-down, the individual territories available in that region display for more accuracy.

Individual Territories

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