Change the Search Radius

Mapply lets you set radius selections for your customers to display locations within a certain range of them.

To change the search radius in Mapply, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit Mapply Account Page, log in if necessary.

    log in

  2. Select Display Settings.

    select display settings

  3. Copy and paste this code in the "Page Footer HTML" section.

    Note: This code will have the drop-down display distances of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 miles and an option for no limit. The 1-mile option is the default. Change the code as necessary.

    jQuery(function() {
     setTimeout(function() {
     jQuery(".search_within_distance select")[0].length=0;
     jQuery(".search_within_distance select").html('<option value="1" selected="selected">1 Mi</option><option value="2">2 Mi</option><option value="5">5 Mi</option><option value="10" >10 Mi</option><option value="25">25 Mi</option><option value="9999">No Limit</option>');
     }, 200);

    Page Footer HTML

  4. Select Save.

    select save

That's it!

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