Order Manager - Release Notes

These notes are an outline of the Order Manager releases. Select a version below to view the details.

  • Squashed a bug importing orders from Shopify store OM-92
  • Fixed permission error on sub-account logins. OM-87
  • Fixed a bug where the email templates would not handle inline CSS styling. OM-5
  • Better handling of currency formatting OM-86
  • Setting a maximum width for logo images uploaded to invoices OM-84
  • Isolate bootstraps CSS effect on order lookup page OM-79
  • Fix for uploading image to email templates  OM-67
  • Corrected surcharges not being added to the master order OM-24
  • Resolved issue where orders created in the app were not appearing OM-16
  • Requested feature to show customer email on invoice/packing slip OM-8
  • Email templates now accept inline styling OM-5
  • Filtering on "Outstanding Orders" added OM-81
  • Line item properties (Product Options) show up on the order information OM-76
  • Implemented feature request to add email address to invoice OM-74
  • Apply SKU to custom product OM-73
  • Applied fix to to orders without a due date that appeared to be randomly sorted OM-72
  • Feature request for more details on invoice/packing slips  OM-71
  • Shipping merge field added for status emails OM-70
  • Tag filtering added OM-68
  • Show the coupon code used on orders OM-60
  • Added due date column OM-59
  • Corrected invoices calculating amounts OM-55
  • Added ability to delete orders OM-54
  • Merged financial/fulfillment status into one field OM-49
  • Added vendor to custom product OM-63
  • Fixed bug where some orders were not appearing in Order Manager