Recurring Memberships - Release Notes

This is an outline of the first few releases of Recurring Memberships. Select a version below to view the details.

New Features

  • Added Stripe as a payment gateway.
  • Sign-up forms text fully customizable.
  • Registration fields can now be re-ordered.


  • Admin displays which account is connected to payment gateways.
  • Checkout button text is now customizable.

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate transactions being recorded.
  • Duplicate memberships being displayed.
  • Invited members not receiving the correct tag.

Full Release Notes

v0.5.0 release notes

  • Weekly interval option added for memberships and subscription boxes.
  • Now shows correct weekly stats.
  • Ability to have free/$0 memberships or subscription boxes.
  • Ability to maintain membership for the remainder of paid period if membership canceled.
  • Can now modify language settings for modal, widget, customer account page, billing options modal.
  • Fixed links for "Learn more how to use this" for the button and widget.
  • Plan tag validation - can't use a tag shorter than 3 characters.
  • Fixed bug where price meta field was not deleted after removing a plan.
  •  Fix members not getting tagged when invited.