Shipping Fee Payment Rules in Marketplace


The Marketplace app has four different shipping options.

  • If you have a Pro Shopify account or lower, you have access to three other shipping options: No Shipping, Split Shipping and Full Shipping.  
  • If you have a Shopify Unlimited account or higher, you can use the fourth setting: Bold Managed Shipping.  
  • Bold Managed Shipping requires the "Real-time carrier shipping" upgrade to function properly. You can purchase this upgrade separately on some of the smaller plans. 

When using the No Shipping, Split Shipping or Full Shipping settings, the customer will be charged a flat rate pulled from the store's existing Shopify settings. 

These settings are under Settings -> General Settings -> Shipping Fee Payment Rule.

Shipping Fee Payment Rules

No Shipping means the store owner keeps the Shipping Fee. The merchants would receive their portion after you take the commission. Merchants frequently account for shipping costs in the base price of the product with this setting.

Split shipping will divide the store shipping fee equally among vendors involved with a sale, regardless of which product might cost more to ship proportionately. 

Full shipping means that each merchant would get the full shipping fee. It's often used when the store commonly sells larger products, where they want to make sure their merchants can account for all shipping costs but is offset by taking a larger commission.

If you have a Shopify Unlimited account or higher, you have access to something called Bold Managed Shipping, which allows a merchant to choose individual shipping per product they create, which can also be specific to whichever zones the Shopify site has installed in their store. For a detailed breakdown on Bold Managed Shipping, visit Set up Bold Managed Shipping.

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