Get Started with Product Discount

Product Discount runs sales like other online and brick-and-mortar stores, by reducing the product price when products go on sale and returning them to regular price when the sale is over. You can schedule the sale to start and end at any time. It applies Discounts as either a percentage off or a price discount from the regular price. Product Discount will change only the product prices, the same way as if you manually changed the prices.

Product Discount does not require any liquid code to function; it works right out of the box. But there are certain situations where you would want to install liquid code. Those situations are outlined in steps two, three and four below.

Not sure how to get started with Product Discount? Here's a step-by-step guide to help you on your way:

  1. Install the Product Discount App - Product Discount App Install Instructions.
    • These instructions install the Product Discount app only; this is all that is required to use the app to discount products.
  2. Install Sales Clock (optional) - Sales Clock Liquid Install Instructions.
    • These instructions add a countdown clock to the product page to show your customers when your sale ends, driving the urgency to purchase the product now before the discounted price ends. If you don't want a sales clock, these steps are not necessary.
  3. Install Sales Icon (optional) - Sales Icon Liquid Install Instructions.
    • These instructions add an icon to the product/collection page indicating that this product is on sale. If you don't want a sales icon, these steps are not necessary.
  4. Install Duplicate & Hide Code (optional) - Product Discount Liquid - Duplicate & Hide Install Instructions.
    • These instructions are used when Product Discount and Product Upsell are used together, and this is necessary to ensure the discounted products that are only available in an upsell offer are not visible on your storefront. If you are not using Product Discount and Product Upsell together, these steps not necessary.
  5. Create a Discount with Product Discount.

Sales Clock and Sales Icon

For more information on Product Discount, visit Product Discount Shopify App.

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