Recurring Orders and Inventory Management

What happens when I run out of a product customers subscribe to?

If you choose to track your inventory through Shopify, our app will sync with those numbers. IF you choose not, orders will still generate in Shopify, even if you are in reality, out of stock. It's totally up to you what you would prefer!

When you run out of inventory for an item that customers are subscribed to, their orders will be put on hold. Recurring Orders will attempt every day to process the order until it returns to stock. We send emails to the shop admin when this occurs. 

This means their order will delay itself, until you add more inventory in Shopify.

Once you positively update inventory, customer's next upcoming orders should process as soon as possible, which would be within 24 hours.  

This may mean an order processes days, or even weeks after it was supposed to. This means it's very important to track your inventory needs.

If a customer has multiple items on their subscription and only one is out of stock, their entire order will be on hold until all items are in stock again.

You can check on your recurring inventory needs any time, by navigating to Manage Products > Inventory Forecasting, within the app admin.






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