Reactivate an Inactive Subscriber

When would you use this?


It's happened to all of us - you decide to cancel a service/subscription, but then have a quick change-of-mind. Now you want to resubscribe, but you don't want to have to go through the whole process again. How do you do it?

If a customer's order fails over ten times, they will automatically move to Inactive Subscriber status. Even though they are inactive, you can still reactivate them later on. This is useful if a customer has been away, and missed their opportunity to update their billing information within the ten days. 


Reactivating an inactive subscription


Open up Recurring Orders and click on the 'Customers' page.

From there, change your view to show 'Inactive Subscribers' by changing this drop-down box:

Once you can see your inactive subscribers, reactivate them by clicking edit next to the customer.

Then click on 'Reactivate'.

That's it!


Important notes


If the 'Reactivate' button is greyed out, this would mean 1 of 2 things.

1. The customer's prepaid or limited expiring subscription - has expired. These forms of subscriptions can not be reactivated once their set number of orders have processed. The customer would have to resubscribe. 

2. The customer's subscription began before this feature was released, which would be in early 2015. This would be more rare, but a possibility.


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