Input Longitude and Latitude Coordinates into Mapply

Mapply allows you full control over how your store locations appear on the map.

One way to display your stores more accurately is by entering the latitude and longitude coordinates.


At this time, Mapply is unavailable for new installations. If you are currently using Mapply, you will be able to continue using the app as your account will now be grandfathered.



Inputting the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates

  1. Visit the Mapply Account Page. Log in if necessary.

    log in

  2. Select Edit next to the store that you would like to adjust the latitude and longitude of.

    select edit

  3. Select I know my Coordinates to refine the pin location. (optional)

    select I know my coordinates

  4. Enter the Latitude and Longitude and select Update Location. (optional)

    Note: If you aren't sure of the Latitude and Longitude, visit iTouchMap and input the address to get them.

    select update location

  5. Select Save.
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