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Quantity Breaks Pricing Variants and/or Their Pricing is Showing on the Storefront

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When Quantity Breaks pricing variants and/or their pricing is showing on the storefront, it's usually because important meta field data on one or more app variants have been removed. This is assuming Quantity Breaks' code has been installed on the theme. The app uses this data to control its variants, and when this happens the app no longer recognizes the variant and is unable to modify, delete, hide or properly use the variant.


The Quantity Breaks (standalone) app is no longer available for new installations. If you are currently using Quantity Breaks, you will be able to continue using the app on a grandfathered plan.

New requests for Quantity Breaks will be directed to Custom Pricing which has a Quantity Breaks plan available. For more information, please visit Custom Pricing Overview.

If you'd like move from Quantity Breaks (standalone) to Custom Pricing, please visit Switch from Quantity Breaks to Custom Pricing.



There are a few things that can cause this:

  • The apps variant was manually modified in the product section of Shopify's admin.
  • Import was initiated in Shopify while the app was applied to the product that was being imported and then overwritten without the app being paused beforehand.
  • The product and its variants were duplicated from another product that had Quantity Breaks applied to it.
  • In rare situations, another app can affect a product in such a way that the app's meta field data is cleared.

To fix this, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Quantity Breaks.
  3. Select Quantity Breaks again within the app.
  4. Select the toggle beside the quantity breaks group to disable.

    select the toggle to disable

  5. Wait for the batch process to complete.

    wait for the batch process to complete

  6. Select Products.

    select products

  7. Select the product you are having issues with.
  8. Under Variants, select the app variants that are showing in error.

    select the variant

  9. Select the down arrow.

    select the down arrow

  10. Select Delete variants.
  11. Select Delete.
  12. Select the toggle beside the quantity breaks group to enable.

    Note: If you have many variants that need to be deleted, it may be a good idea to export all of your products as a CSV file and mass delete the extra variants in Excel, and then re-import the products.

    select the toggle to enable