Add Link to Store Locator Page

When you install Store Locator, it creates a page in your store at a URL similar to this:

There are a few ways you can link to this page, but the most common is a navigation item named "Find Us", "Store Locator", "Locations", etc.  

To add this link to your navigation, follow these steps:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Store Locator.

    Select Store Locator 

  3. Copy the URL to your store locator page.

    copy the URL 

  4. Select Online Store.

    select Online Store 

  5. Select Navigation.

    select Navigation 

  6. Select the menu where you would like to add the link.

    select the menu 

  7. Select Add menu item.

    select add menu item 

  8. Enter a Name for your link (i.e. Store Locator).

    enter a name for your link 

  9. Paste the URL you copied in step 3 into the "Link" field.

    paste the URL 

  10. Select The URL.

    select the URL 

  11. Select Add

    select add 

  12. Select Save menu.

    select save menu 

That's it!

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