Specific Types of Discount Codes in Bold Subscriptions


With Bold Subscriptions, you can create specific types of discount codes. Discount code configuration is found in the Subscriptions app admin under "Discount Codes".

Your subscription service may be new, and you're looking to promote it or offer free initial orders to loyal customers or popular bloggers.

This style of discount code will only work in the subscription checkout, and won't apply to an existing subscription.

Note: Specify which product(s) you want this coupon to apply to, so it will only take 100% off the product(s) you have on promotion; or apply it to all products, it’s up to you. Set an expiry date if it's a limited time offer.

Visit Create a First Order Free Offer for detailed setup instructions.

First Order Free

There's an option just underneath this area to limit the application of this discount code to the first order only:

Limit Discount Code

To give a customer a percent discount that only applies to a specific number of orders in their subscription, you can use a coupon code. You can adjust the percentage or number of orders to whatever you prefer for your campaign.

Note: If a customer creates another subscription order (so they now have two separate subscriptions), and they apply the same code, it counts as one use and they will lose the discount they would have gotten on their next subscription order.

Visit Create a 50% Off Your First Two Orders Offer for detailed setup instructions.

50% off your first 2 orders

To have this discount work on just the first two orders, setup your limitations like this:


If you want to offer special customers free shipping, create a free shipping code.

  • You can offer this to new and existing subscribers.
  • You can make this specific to a country, and
  • specify which shipping rates you want it to apply to by cost.

Leave the option "How many orders can this discount code be applied to per customer?" unchecked, and have it apply to all orders indefinitely; or check off the box and specify how many orders in a row you want them to have free shipping on.

Visit Create a Free Shipping Offer for detailed setup instructions.

Free Shipping Offer

Subscriptions gives you the flexibility to offer discounts to customers that purchase a certain amount of product. This is a great way to incentivize your customers to buy more items and receive a discount.

Note: This discount type is set-up like a normal discount code with this option enabled to limit its functionality to work over a certain purchase amount.

Visit Create Discount Codes with Bold Subscriptions for detailed setup instructions.

Minimum Purchase

To limit the application of this coupon code, simply select the options to do so when you go to create your discount:

Note: Customers that adjust their subscription amount below the required purchase price will no longer receive this discount.

Limits and Restrictions

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