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QuickBooks Sync Import FAQs

  • Updated

This guide answers several frequently asked questions in regards to the importing functionality of QuickBooks Sync. Please select a question below to view the answer.



  1. QuickBooks Sync supports partial line items, partial order refunds and full order refunds.

    All refunds are created as Refund Receipts in QuickBooks Online.

  2. Shipping is brought over as a line item and cannot be separated.

  3. QuickBooks Online taxes one location if you only have one location entered within the Shopify settings.

  4. Shipping in the United States is always taxed.

  5. A revenue or income type account, such as a Sales Income account, is recommended to link your sales to.

    The account is most often titled Sales or Sales of Product Income, although the name can vary and may need to be tailored to your specific company profile.

    Please reach out to your accountant or contact QuickBooks Online Support for assistance with changing these details in QuickBooks Online.

  6. If you are processing orders using Shopify Payments, the funds are not held within undeposited funds.

    Instead, the funds from your sales will be held within Shopify holding until Shopify pays these transactions out.