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Troubleshooting QuickBooks Sync

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Having issues with QuickBooks Sync? Here are some common errors and how to fix them.



  1. Customer names are appended with -1 after an export or sync when there are existing customers within QuickBooks Online.

    QuickBooks Sync does not sync with customers that exist within QuickBooks Online prior to performing exports.

  2. The error Duplicate Document Number commonly appears when QuickBooks Sync fails at creating a sales receipt during an export.

    This error appears when a sales receipt in the export has already been exported to your QuickBooks Online account.

    All sales receipts must have unique names.


    You have a sales receipt in QuickBooks Online titled #1001. You then try to export a Shopify order also titled #1001. Because of this, the export fails, as you cannot have multiple sales receipts in QuickBooks Online with the same document number.

  3. If you have signed into QuickBooks Online to authorize, but your issue is still not fixed, you may have the same QuickBooks Online account connected on two stores in QuickBooks Sync.

    QuickBooks Sync does not support a simultaneous connection of two stores to the same QuickBooks Online account at the same time. You must connect and export only one store at a time.

    As a workaround, we recommend the following:

    1. Disconnect store #1
    2. Export store #1's orders
    3. Disconnect store #1
    4. Connect store #2
    5. Export store #2's orders

    Repeat these steps as necessary.

  4. When QuickBooks Sync creates a customer or variant in your QuickBooks Online account, a mapping is generated to avoid creating duplicate information.

    When information is changed on a customer or variant, this mapping is not updated.



    1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
    2. Select QuickBooks Sync.
    3. Select Manage Mappings.

      Select Manage Mappings

    4. Select Customers or Variant.

      Select Customer or Variant

    5. Select the edit icon next to the mapping you want to adjust.

      Select Edit

    6. Select the correct customer or variant.

      Select Customer or Variant

    7. Select Save Mapping.

      Select Save Mapping

  5. QuickBooks Sync may encounter errors that stop your exports from functioning. An order in Shopify can fail when exported to QuickBooks Online for a variety of reasons.

    Performing an export of the date range when you encountered these errors provides you with a list of all failed orders along with an explanation of why they failed to export.

    If your exports stop functioning, we highly recommend disconnecting and reconnecting the app from your QuickBooks organization.



    1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
    2. Select QuickBooks Sync.
    3. Select Settings.
    4. Select Disconnect.
    5. Navigate back to the Shopify admin and select Apps.
    6. Select QuickBooks Sync.
    7. Reconnect your QuickBooks organization by selecting Connect now.

    Once QuickBooks Sync has been successfully disconnected and reconnected, your exports should resume.


    Editing Orders in Shopify

    Edited Shopify orders cannot be exported with QuickBooks Sync. Only the original, unedited Shopify order can be exported through the integration.

    Shopify refunds continue to export correctly after the order's been placed.

    If your exports are still not functioning, please contact our Customer Success team.