Set up My Terms and Conditions Registration Field

We've added the ability to create a Terms and Conditions page using the Custom Pages section of the Marketplace app admin. This allows you to create terms and conditions for your merchants to accept when they are registering to be accepted on your store.

The first step is to establish your terms and conditions on a custom page.  Make sure to deselect "Require login to see" as your prospective merchants are unable to login at this point.


Once you've done that, you need to add a custom registration field. The main element that we added to create this function, is adding another field type called Terms and Conditions. This field is designed to establish a relationship with one of the Custom Pages, that will serve as a clickable link during the registration process. This field can only be used once, so make sure to enter all of the information you need on the custom page.


Now when you've completed all of that, the registration field will look like this!

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