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When you use the Digital Downloads feature, you must agree to a second set of Terms and Conditions. They are under Settings -> Digital Products Settings.

Digital Products Settings

Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, you will have access to the settings. The first step is to choose which file extensions you'd like to allow your merchants to offer.

file extensions

If you select "Allow all file extensions" the extensions table will be hidden. If you select "Allow only selected file extensions", you will choose which type of file extensions to offer. You can also manually enter other extensions in the "Add your own file extensions" field.

Below the file extension settings are the "Usage Settings".

usage settings

"Usable hours" represents how long you want the download link to be active and available once the customer has completed the purchase. "Maximum download count" represents the number of times the customer will be able to download the product from the link.

Note: A customer may have difficulty downloading the item because of their browser settings and pop-up blockers. They will cause the download count to read one when they haven't successfully downloaded the item, because of this you may want to allow more than one download.

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