Edit My Digital Download Settings

With a big feature like Digital Downloads, comes a whole other group of settings, so let's break them down a little bit.



Because of the nature of providing this type of service, we need to add some new Terms and Conditions, which will be required for the you as the store owner to accept in order to use the feature. Once those conditions have been accepted, then access to the settings will be granted.

Now the first step becomes choosing which file extensions you'd like your merchants to be able to choose from.



There are two radio buttons, one allowing all file extensions (selecting this will hide the extensions table), and the other to allow you to choose which type of file extensions you'd like to offer. You'll also notice that there is a finite list of extensions available via checkboxes, however you can manually enter other extensions via text entry.

Below the file extension settings are the usage settings.



Usable hours represents how long you want the download link to be active and available for the customer to download, once they have completed the purchase. The link will expire after that time.  Maximum download count represents how many times the customer will be able to download the product from the link.


Now you might ask, why would I allow my customer to download this file more than once?  Well some customers may have a pop-up blocker of some sort on their browser and that can hinder a download attempt.  Resulting in a situation like this:



Where the link has been clicked to download the link, but the customer has been notified that the pop-up for the download was blocked.  The "Downloaded" link is no longer clickable, so the customer will have to address their pop-up blocker, and then reopen the link from the e-mail to receive their product.

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