Returns Manager Install Instructions

Returns Manager helps your customers easily submit return requests for approval, and allows store staff to easily track and process returns (RMAs) throughout the full reverse logistics process. Training your employees to make full use of Returns Manager will ensure that customers are highly satisfied with the returns process and help them build confidence in your business.

Installing your Returns widget

Customers access Returns Manager through the Returns widget which you will need to embed on your store. This is the customer's portal for accessing their past returns and tracking the status of their return until it is processed by the store.

  1. Create a Returns page using Shopify.
  2. Copy the Returns widget embed code by clicking Getting Started in the app, and copying the code listed starting and ending with "iframe".
  3. Paste the embed code into the Returns page created in Step 1.

Return Groups

Return groups are policies that will be applied to specific selections of products. You can select a single product, a collection, or the entire store to include in your return group. Once a return group is created, you can set time frames for return along with rules for why products within the group can be returned.

Using the Products selector, you can choose which items will be included in the return group. The checkboxes indicate which types of returns can be processed for that item, and allows you to set different time periods (from the date of sale) that those products can be returned. After a box is checked, you will also have the option to provide terms and conditions for each return that will be shown to customers when they start the process. 

Note that the Replacement reason is cosmetic only; Returns Manager does not process the exchange for the store.

Return Reasons and Statuses

Return statuses are used to track an item throughout the reverse logistics process. Store staff can update the status of a return to communicate with the customer the progress on their submitted return request. Statuses are fully customizable and are often used to indicate when an item has been received at the returns center, is in testing, or has been returned to the manufacturer for inspection. The app can also be configured to send an e-mail when a return is updated to certain statuses to keep the customer informed or to indicate to them that action may be required on their part.

Return reasons are the available reasons that can be selected by a customer to process their return. Each of these will be named and have a shipping setting indicated that determines whether the store owner or the customer is responsible for paying for return shipping. This may change dependent on the reason for the return; it is likely that a customer would pay for shipping if a wrong size was ordered, while the store owner might pay if the wrong item was shipped.

Processing Returns

Customers will submit returns using the widget embedded on your store's page. Their first step will be to enter in their order number and e-mail address for the product they are wishing to return.

Once their information has been entered, they will be able to see their ordered products and will have the option to create a return request for them. They can enter in a message, select their reason for return, and upload a photo if desired. Once they click submit, their return will be submitted to store staff for approval.

Store staff will be able to view information on the Return through the "Pending Returns" screen, including any customer notes and attached photos. They can then choose to approve or deny the return (or edit it if information has been entered incorrectly). Approved returns can be viewed in the "Active Returns" tab, where store staff can update the status and complete it if necessary.

Create a Manual Return

A manual return is one created by store staff to override the set return rules. This is generally used when an ordered product is outside the allowed time-frame for returns but the store has chosen to accept a return regardless or if a customer calls into the store to submit a request.

To create a manual return, use the "Create a Return" section in the app. You will be prompted for the order number and be able to select any item on the order to start a return.

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