Skip an Order in Bold Subscriptions


When you select "Skip Order", the selected order will not process, and the customer will not be charged. You and your customer can skip up to seven orders. This feature is useful if your customer will be away, or has too much product already.

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You can skip an order on behalf of your customer by following these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold.

    Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold

  3. Select Subscriptions, then Customers.

    Select Subscriptions/Customers

  4. Under "Search by customer or product", enter customer name.

    Enter Search Info

  5. Select Search.

    Select Search

  6. Select Edit.

    Select Edit

  7. Select View Upcoming Orders.

    Select View Upcoming Orders

  8. Select Skip Order next to the order(s) you would like to skip.

    Select Skip Order

  9. Select Skip.

    Skip Confirm

That's it!

Your customer can skip a shipment by following these steps:

Note: How this appears will depend on your theme.

  1. From your storefront, select Account.
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. Select Sign In.
  4. Select Manage Subscription.

    Select Manage Subscription

  5. Select Manage.

    Select Manage

  6. Select Upcoming Subscriptions.

    Select Upcoming Subscriptions

  7. Select Skip Shipment next to the shipment(s) you would like to skip.

    Skip Shipment\

  8. Select OK.

    Select OK

That's it!

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