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Xero Sync General FAQs

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This guide answers several frequently asked questions in regards to the general functionality of Xero Sync. Please select a question below to view the answer.



  1. No. Xero Sync allows you to select which account to post the item to, such as an income or asset account.

    It's recommended to contact Xero support directly for more information regarding the set-up of your Xero accounts.

  2. Yes! Please visit Export Orders from Shopify to Xero for more information.

  3. Xero Sync cannot import orders from Xero to Shopify, but Xero Sync offers 2 alternative import features:

    • Import Xero Products to Shopify
    • Import Inventory Levels from Xero Products

    Both features are accessible in Xero Sync's app admin.

    Import Xero Products to Shopify imports your Xero Products to your Shopify store. All Inventory and Non-Inventory Products in Xero import to Shopify.

    Import Inventory Levels from Xero Products updates your Shopify product inventory to reflect the inventory in Xero.

    Xero does not currently support multi-location inventory, so even if you have multiple locations setup for your store, all inventory updates are performed against your current shipping origin location.

  4. If a lock date is set up in your Xero account, Xero Sync is not able to export orders included in that date range.

    If you have a lock date set up in Xero or have any other questions, please reach out to Xero's support team here.

  5. When an order contains a discount and the order is exported over to Xero, the discount will be applied in the invoice created in Xero. There are 3 different discount codes in Shopify; Product Discount, Order Discount and Shipping Discount. These can either be automatic discount codes when meeting criteria, or a discount code that is distributed to your customers.

    Please see the examples below of how each discount type are exported over from Shopify to Xero:

    Free Shipping Example

    If an order contains a free shipping discount of $14.90, the discount will be displayed under Includes Discount within the invoice in Xero. The standard shipping line item also shows a discount $14.90.

    Free Shipping Discount Example in Shopify

    Free Shipping Discount in Xero

    Product Discount Example

    If an order contains a discount for a product, the discount will be applied on the product line item and show up under Includes Discount on the invoice in Xero.

    Product Discount Example in Shopify

    Product Discount Example in Xero

    Order Discount Example

    When a discount is applied to the entire order, the discount will be applied evenly across all line items using their total ratio of the order total. In the example below, there is a discount of $3.75 with two line items of $10 and $5, and therefore they will be discounted by $2.50 and $1.25 respectively.

    Order Discount Example in Shopify

    Order Discount Example in Xero

  6. Xero and QuickBooks are very similar accounting softwares that offer a lot of the same features:

    • Exporting orders from Shopify to QBO/Xero.
    • Exporting products from Shopify to QBO/Xero.
    • Exporting customers from Shopify to QBO/Xero.

    But there are some key differences between the two applications:

    • Xero creates orders as paid invoices.
    • QuickBooks Online creates orders as paid sales receipts.

    Note: Neither integration can be used for invoicing your customers. Invoices are created by Xero Sync from paid Shopify orders.

    Please visit QuickBooks Sync Plans & Pricing and Xero Sync Price Tiers for more information.

  7. Bold is unable to provide insight on which accounts you should be linking your integration to.

    We highly recommend reaching out to your accountant or contacting Xero's Support for assistance.