App Variants and/or Prices are Showing up in Other Sales Channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Many other sales channels will target an entire product and not individual variants of the product to display. This means that they can pull and display the app-created variants and their prices.

Because we don't have any control over these functionalities, there are no resolutions. On the Shopify storefront, we're able to hide the variants and their prices, but we don't have access to these third-party sales channels. Any direct change would need to come from their end.




As a work-around, you can create two separate versions of the same product in the Shopify store:

  • One for the Shopify storefront (online store sales channel)
  • One for all other sales channels

The storefront version will have the app's functionality applied to it, which can be hidden on the other sales channels.

The product made for the other sales channels will be hidden on the storefront and will not have the app's functionality applied to it.

It is recommended to duplicate the Shopify product within the Shopify admin, then disable it from displaying on your storefront (remove it from the online store sales channel).

It is equally as important to ensure that any app group targeting this product is turned off. The app must be finished removing the app variants on that product. Then, you will be able to hide the original product from the alternative sales channels and turn the app group back on.

Sales Channels

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