Change Your Price Plan in Custom Pricing



Custom Pricing offers a few different price plans with varying features to fit your store's needs.

Customer Pricing allows you to create pricing tags, product pricing groups, and assign wholesale prices to your customers.

Customer Pricing Premium provides you with all of the features above, along with detailed pricing discounts, country specific pricing, and the ability to auto-tag your customers' accounts.

Adding the Quantity Breaks module gives you the flexibility to offer your customers incremental discounts for purchasing more products.

To change your price plan in Custom Pricing, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select the Apps option within your Shopify admin on the left side

  2. Select Bold Custom Pricing (Wholesale & Quantity Breaks).

    Select Bold Custom Pricing (Wholesale & Quantity Breaks) from your list of apps

  3. Select Settings, then Account Plans.

    Select Settings then Account Plans from the Custom Pricing menu on the left side

  4. Select Turn Off or Turn On.


  5. Select Update Plan.


  6. Select Approve Charges.


  7. Select Accepted at ...

    Select Accept in the top right corner of the Terms & Conditions page

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