Loyalty Points - Version 0.7.0 - Release Notes

We've been working on some pretty awesome things for Loyalty Points, and today we finally get to share them with you! This is a big one.

First let's get started with the game changer, a retroactive points admin! Here you'll be able to pick a date range of orders you'd like to give points to, and we'll go through them all and assign those points based on the rules you've set up for your program. 



This means when you get your program started, you can give your customers a head start by giving them credit for their latest purchases! Pretty awesome right?

Next up, we decided the navigation menu needed a serious overhaul, so we did exactly that. You should be able to find things a lot easier now that everything is broken out into more straightforward groups. We've also included a submenu to make it all accessible from whatever page you're on!



We've also added a full set of email templates that you can send out to customers. You'll be able to trigger these emails when a customer has points expiring, earns new points, when they redeem points, and a welcome email when they join the program. They all come ready to go with default text, but we've made them customizable too, so you can edit them if you'd like!



Sometimes when you start adding multiple bonus point rules, redemption multipliers and other rules, it can get a little confusing to remember which products are in which rules. So we've built a dedicated product search page where you can see all the rules and details for any product. Nice and easy!



Lastly, we wanted to make it easier to exclude products from being purchased with points. Before you had to make a crazy redemption multiplier to make it impossible to earn enough points, but now it's nice and easy! All you'll do is go to the Product Exclusions tab and you'll be able to choose which products to exclude from either earning, or being purchased with points.



If that all isn't cool enough for you, we also made a few other smaller changes that I'll put at the end of this article so you can see everything.

I hope you're as excited about this update as we are! If you need help getting anything set up, or have any questions, you can always reach us by submitting a new request or jumping on our live chat.

Here's the rest of the changes we've made:

- Changed the dates for transactions on the customer account page to text dates instead of numbered dates. (Ex: Apr 4, 2016 instead of 2016-04-04) Also removed time stamps from transactions.

- Added the ability to exclude either all or selected manually created orders from earning points.

- Updated the filters on the customer page to be able to select all the customers in a specific earning tier.

- New settings page to edit all the wording that the customers will see. Great for translations, or even to add your own spin.

- Added the ability to disable earning and redeeming for your base tier so you can exclusively use earning tiers to let customers earn points. Great if only want select customers earning points in your store.

- Now displays when each set of points expire (if they do) in the customer’s account page. If you have your points set to never expire this won’t affect you.

- New notification that will show in the app letting you know how many customers are being affected when you need to upgrade your plan.

- Added a warning message explaining which bonus point rules a product is included in when a product is in multiple rules. If you continue with multiple rules, the bonus points will be added together.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug where bonus points wouldn’t appear for some customers in their account page.

- Solved an issue where the app would create duplicate customers when someone accidentally registered twice.

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