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Quantity Breaks Walk-Through

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Setting up quantity based discounts on your products involves creating a Quantity Break group. Here, you will choose which products are selected, and the discounts that are applied to the products based on the quantity added to the cart.

When the group is created, Quantity Breaks will create variants to represent the discounted pricing.

Visit Set up a Quantity Breaks Group for detailed setup instructions.


The Quantity Breaks (standalone) app is no longer available for new installations. If you are currently using Quantity Breaks, you will be able to continue using the app on a grandfathered plan.

New requests for Quantity Breaks will be directed to Custom Pricing which has a Quantity Breaks plan available. For more information, please visit Custom Pricing Overview.

If you'd like move from Quantity Breaks (standalone) to Custom Pricing, please visit Switch from Quantity Breaks to Custom Pricing.



From Shopify's admin, go to the "Apps" section, find the Quantity Breaks app, and select the app's title to open the admin.

Shopify admin

In Quantity Breaks admin, select the "Quantity Breaks" navigation bar. On this screen, all existing Quantity Breaks groups will be listed and you will be able to edit, copy, disable and delete them. You will also be able to create new groups here.

Quantity Breaks Screen

In this step, you set some of the basic settings that will apply to this Quantity Breaks group.

Internal Name - Give the group a name that will help you identify what this group is about. A good naming convention is to name the group based on the products that you'll select in it. For example, if you want to use a collection composed of rings, then you could name this group "rings".  

Discount Type - This is the type of discount that the group will apply to the selected products (the specific value of the discount will be set in step 2).  

  • Fixed Price will set all selected products to a specific price.
  • Percent Discount will discount all selected products by the specified percentage.  
  • Price Discount will reduce all selected products by the specific number entered.

Apply Quantity Break - In this section you select how products that will be selected in Step 3 will combine their quantities to determine if they have enough quantity to get the discount that will be specified in step 2.

  • Apply Quantity Break per Variant (Discount applies per individual item) - Each item that is selected by the quantity break will individually have its quantity count towards a quantity break. For example, item A and item B quantities will independently count towards a quantity break of 5. Item A will trigger its quantity break when its quantity is 5, and item B will trigger its quantity break when its quantity is 5.
  • Apply Quantity Break across Group (Mix and match products for discount) - Each item that is selected by the quantity break will collectively have its quantity count towards a quantity break which will apply to all products involved.  For example, item A and item B quantities will be added together to count towards a quantity break of 5. Any combination of item A's and item B's quantity will count towards a quantity break. Quantities of 3 item A's and 2 item B's will trigger the quantity break at 5 for both products.
  • Apply Quantity Break across all Groups - This will allow multiple items quantities to collectively count towards a quantity break as with the last setting, but this will also extend to other quantity break groups that have this option selected. For example, if group A and group B have this set, then all items from both groups will combine their quantities to fire a quantity break. This allows for products to be in different quantity break groups and have different discounts applied to them at different quantity levels but still have their quantities pool together to achieve a quantity break.

 Step 1 - General Options

In this step, you specify discounts and how much quantity is required to achieve that discount.  It's important to note that the discounts set here will apply to each product that's involved in the quantity break.  So considering the below example, if a quantity of 5 is added to the cart, then each of those quantities will be discounted by 10%.  If a fixed price was used instead of a percentage discount, then each of those quantities would be set to that fixed price in the cart.

  • Quantity - The number of products that are required for the customer to receive the discount. 
  • Value - The value of the discount the customer will receive if they purchase the previously entered quantity (ie. 10%). 
  • Add - Allows you to add another price level.
  • Clear - Clears the previously entered fields.
  • Edit - Lets you edit the corresponding price level.
  • Delete - Removes the corresponding price level. 

Step 2 - Configure Price Levels

In this step, you select the products that you want to include in the discount. Selecting the "Select Products" button will open the product selector where you can select specific products. By default, the store's entire product list will appear here, but you're able to filter the list by collection, vendor, type, etc.  

When you're finished selecting products select "Continue with selected products" button at the lower right-hand corner of the product selector.

Note: You won't be able to select the same product in more than one Quantity Breaks group.

Step 3 - Select Products

In this step, select the style of Quantity Break grid that'll show up on the product pages of the product's that you selected in "Step 3 - Select Products".

The last option in this step, titled "custom", will allow you to input a custom message instead of a quantity break grid.  So for example, you could simply enter text stating "Buy 2 or more and receive 10%". You can enter HTML elements into this box as well, so, for example, you could wrap the above text in a paragraph tag to give it that kind of structure (ie. <p>Buy 2 or more and receive 10%</p>). You'd even be able to customize your own grid, and more information on how to do that can be found here:

Visit Changing the Order of Columns, Removing Columns or Replacing Text from the Grid for detailed instructions.

Step 4 - Configure Display 

When you're satisfied with the information you entered, select the "Create" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to save the group.  If a pop-up box appears stating that there were some problems validating the data, then it's most likely because one or more of the sections weren't filled out correctly. Please review Set up a Quantity Breaks Group to ensure that you entered all required information, and try again.

If there are no validation errors you'll be taken back to the "Quantity Breaks" page where your new group will be listed. Quantity Breaks will take at least a few minutes to create app variants and Quantity Break grids for each of them. Once this is complete they'll be available in the storefront.  It's a good idea at that point to go to the storefront and test the Quantity Breaks functionality to ensure that everything is working properly.