Marketplace FAQ

General Questions

Can I charge a "listing" fee that merchants will pay whether or not their item sells?

Commissions are linked to the sale of products. The Marketplace app will not charge merchants a fee simply for uploading or listing a product.

Can I change my merchant's profile information once they've registered?

No, when a merchant registers, their information cannot be changed. Only a merchants' password can be changed through the designated "Change Password" function. If the store owner would like to set up the products for a merchant, the merchant should register with their own, correct information and then the app admin can log in to their merchant portals through the app and create the products from there.

Is there a maximum number of products that can be uploaded?

You can create as many products as you like with the Marketplace app.

What happens if a merchant is denied when they already have listed products?

As soon as you deny a merchant, the app will automatically delete their products from both the app, as well as the Shopify store.

Who pays for the transaction and PayPal fees?

Marketplace does not take into account any transaction fees or other charges imposed by payment gateways. It is important to ensure that the cost of these fees is included in your commission on products if desired.

How is the commission calculated?

Commission percentages are calculated based on the subtotal of the order; the cost of only the items, not including any tax or shipping fees. For a 20% commission on an order valued at $20.00 with $3.00 of tax and $2.00 of shipping, you would receive $4.00 ($20.00*0.20).

If I edit the commission rate for a Category, when does it take effect?

Commissions should take effect immediately; any products sold after the update is saved will be charged the new commission rate.

If I delete a category or category group, what happens to the products in them?

The products that have already been created will be safe and sound, still in your store, but merchants won't be able to add any new products to these categories.

Do customers receive a separate shipping email per item that is shipped by merchants?

Each merchant will have the option to send an email out to the customer when their portion of the order has been fulfilled.

Is the site that vendors log into responsive?

Yes, the Merchant Portal is responsive.

Is PayPal the only way to pay merchants through the app?

PayPal is our supported method of paying out merchants. Merchants can also be paid out through any method of your choice manually; the app can track this using a "Mark as Paid" checkbox that ensures commissions and totals owing are calculated correctly.

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