Marketplace Shipping Options

The Marketplace app has a number of configuration settings that allow store owners to change how shipping charges are handled by the app. There are four options available to store owners.

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  • Setting up "No Shipping"
  • Split Shipping
  • Full Shipping
  • BOLD Managed Shipping

For more information on setting up shipping rates within Shopify, see this article:

Flat-rate shipping options


The following sections use the following example scenario:
  • The store has two merchants, Merchant A and Merchant B
  • Each merchant sells a product. Product A and Product B
  • Both products cost $5.00

No Shipping

The No Shipping setting means that store owners will receive the full shipping fee charged to a customer. When the app calculates payouts for merchants, their total will not include any shipping fees paid by customers who have ordered their products. This option is ideal when sellers communicate directly with buyers for items requiring special handling or when the buyer is responsible for transportation (or pick-up). It can also be useful if Marketplace items are fulfilled by the store owner (operating as a central fulfillment service for Marketplace products). When Merchant A and Merchant B sell their products, neither will receive any additional shipping amount.

Split Shipping

Split Shipping will split the shipping costs evenly between merchants whose products are sold in a given order. With a $10 example shipping charge, Merchant A and Merchant B would both receive $5 for shipping when their products sell. 

Full Shipping

Full Shipping will calculate a payout of the full shipping cost paid by the customer to each merchant with an included product. It is important to note that using this option will pay out more in shipping costs to merchants than have been paid by the customer; if Merchant A and Merchant B both sell a product and the customer is charged $10 for shipping, they will both receive $10 for a total of a $20 shipping payout.

Bold Managed Shipping

Heads up! Be sure to disable *ALL* Shopify shipping rates and zones before using Bold Managed Shipping

Bold Managed Shipping is an available option that works when your store has Shopify's real-time carrier shipping upgrade. Using this setting, Merchants will be able to set shipping rates per product, per region. This means that they can recoup the actual cost of shipping those products (based on their dimensional weight) to each region. This does not automatically calculate shipping rates for merchants, but does allow them to manually set them for each region they ship to.

Bold Managed Shipping will combine shipping rates from different sellers. If Merchant A's product has a shipping rate of $5 and Merchant B's has a shipping rate of $7, the customer will be charged $12 for shipping with the payouts adjusted accordingly (each merchant receives what they set as their shipping rate). 

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