Integrate Product Options with Shopify's Email Templates

Shopify has slightly different background code depending on whether the email template falls under the "Order" heading or under the "Shipping/Fulfillment" heading, so we have two similar code blocks that you can use.

To use them:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Settings.

    select settings 

  2. Select Notifications.

    select notifications 

  3. Select an email template you would like to integrate product options with.

    select an email template 

  4. Find:

    {% for line in line_items %}


    {% for line in fulfillment.fulfillment_line_items %}

    or similar.

    find this line of code 

  5. Immediately after this line, copy and paste the appropriate Code block:
    1. If the email template is found under "Orders", use Order Code.
    2. If the email template is found under "Shipping/Fulfillment", use Shipping/Fulfillment Code.

    paste this code block after it 

  6. Add:

    {{ bold_options }}

    wherever you want the selected properties to appear.

    add this variable 

  7. If you are displaying prices, change line.price to bold_price and line_price to bold_line_price

    change these variables 

  8. Select Save.

    select save 

That's it!

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