Get Started as a Merchant


With Marketplace, you can create and add your products to a Shopify store to sell to visitors. Creating a Merchant account is the first step to selling using Marketplace and will act as your hub for managing your products, fulfillment, and payments.

Using Marketplace, you don't have to worry about web design, store maintenance, or payments. All you have to do is ship your products, and the Marketplace system will handle the rest.

You will need to create an account in the Merchant Portal of the store where you wish to sell your products. The web address for this portal can be given to you by the store administrator, but will always end in "".

  1. Go to the marketplace.
  2. Select Register.
  3. Fill in the registration fields and select Register.

Once you have registered your account, you will be able to log in using the email address and password. Some stores may require approval of your account; you will receive an email if your account is on hold pending approval. 

Note: Make sure the information entered here is correct; some of it cannot be changed after your account is created.

  1. Go to the marketplace.
  2. Enter your Email and Password and select Login.
  3. Select PRODUCTS.

    select products 

  4. Select a Category.

    select a category 

  5. Select Digital Product if this is a digital product.

    select digiral products 

  6. Select Manual Order Fulfillment or Automatic Order Fulfillment.

    select fulfillment method 

  7. Enter a Product Title.

    enter a product title 

  8. Enter a Description.

    enter a description 

  9. Select a Number of images to upload.

    select a number of images to upload 

  10. Select Choose File to upload a product image.

    select choose file 

  11. Select Yes next to "Enable Multiple Options?" (optional).

    select yes 

  12. Select an Option Name.

    select option name 

  13. Enter an Option Value, followed by Enter.

    Note: Repeat this until you have entered all values for this option.

    enter an option value 

  14. Select Add another option type.

    Note: If you select Create instead, you can add special prices, tax rules, etc. for each variant.

    select add another option type 

  15. Enter a Selling Price.

    enter a selling price 

  16. Enter a Compare At Price (optional).

    enter a compare at price 

  17. Enter a Tag, followed by Enter.

    Note: Repeat this until you have entered all tags for this option.

    enter a tag 

  18. Select This product will be sold exclusively at John's Store (optional).

    select exclusive 

  19. Select Save.

    select save 

That's it!

When a customer selects and pays for your product through the online store, you will receive an e-mail informing you that the item is sold. Log in to your Merchant Portal and pick the "Recent Orders" tab to see information on the order. Through this screen, you can see the order value (less commission taken by the store), the customer's information (to generate shipping), and the status of the order. To fulfill an order, select the order, and a pop-up will appear with details. You can view the customer's selected shipping method and enter the tracking number once the order has been fulfilled. The pop-up will also provide a list of the products the customer has paid for so that you know which items need to be shipped.

Always fulfill orders as soon as possible for maximum customer satisfaction

The Payment History list shows payments that have been processed by the store administrator. The standard form of payment is via PayPal; however, store administrators may opt to use an alternative payment system. Contact your store administrator for more information on their payment system and schedule.

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