Products are being Removed from the Cart

A common reason for this occurring is because the quantity break variant that the app created to represent a quantity based discount has been deleted.  This can happen if they're manually deleted from the product in the Shopify admin, or possibly because of an inventory management app, such as Lettuce, could be removing them.

The way that the app works is when someone is eligible for a quantity based discount, the app removes the regular version of the variant and includes the less expensive app variant.  if the app variant has been deleted from the product, the app can't include it, and the only thing that will occur is that the regular variant is removed from the cart.

To fix this, you'd just need to first pause the quantity break group that targets the product then turn it back on.  This will cause the app to recreate the deleted app variant.

Another reason that this can occur is because tracking script from "BEEKETING" that been added to the theme.  This script operates in such a way that it disrupts the QB app's functionality, and will need to be removed from the theme in order for the app to work properly.  If the theme does have some of this script installed, open up the theme.liquid file, and check for the following line, and remove it:

<!-- BEEKETINGSCRIPT CODE START -->{% include 'bk-tracking' %}<!-- BEEKETINGSCRIPT CODE END -->



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