Product Upsell FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions asked about Product Upsell. Select the question to see the answer.

No, unfortunately, the Product Upsell app isn't capable of offering products that are a lower value than the triggering product. Any product that you select to upsell will be unconditionally offered when the upsell is triggered.

Yes. To allow customers to add more than 1 product to their cart from an offer, visit Limit the Number of Upsell Items Someone Can Add to the Cart.

If the customer's cart triggers multiple upsell offers, they will be combined into one pop-up.

You can include up to 4 products in an offer if selecting using the Product Selector, or up to 50 if choosing from a collection. It is best to keep the number of products upsold to a minimum to avoid confusing customers. We recommend a 1-2 product maximum for most offers.

If no trigger products or minimum spending amount are set, the offer will display at every action set in Step 1 of the offer.

Over-selling and back orders can be prevented by using the "Hide products that are out of stock (i.e. Don't allow back orders)" checkbox in Step 4 of the offer details screen. Visit Limit the Number of Products Offered by Product Upsell to enable this feature.

Shopify does not allow products that have been hidden from a given sales channel to be used at checkout.

This is a setting that was put in place because conversion rates are poor if customers are provided with more than three options. Using a filtered list (such as a collection) is an easy way to avoid hitting this limit.

Product Upsell does checks to ensure that the user's cart qualifies for the offer before allowing customers to add a free product. However, it is not (and can never be) 100% foolproof due to the way Shopify accepts products. The app does offer a limit disclaimer function that should remove your obligation to ship products that the customer does not qualify to receive.

No, there is no limit to the number of offers that you can configure using Product Upsell. Creating several highly targeted offers is the best way to drive conversions.

No, unfortunately, Shopify gift cards are a special product and can't be used as an offer or trigger.