Recurring Orders FAQ

Can I use PayPal for Recurring Orders?

No, at this time our checkout will only accept credit card data.

Does Recurring Orders use my regular Shopify checkout?

No, Recurring Orders doesn’t use the regular Shopify checkout.  Recurring Orders has it’s own checkout that stores credit card data for future re-billing. This is necessary because Shopify doesn't support subscribers and recurring billing.

Does Recurring Orders support domain masking?

No, unfortunately our recurring checkout URL can't be masked, or adjusted.

Can Shopify discount codes be used in our recurring checkout?

No, unfortunately not.  But you can create unique discount codes through Recurring Orders.

Does Recurring Orders work with Shopify POS?

Currently Recurring Orders will only work with the Shopify "Online Store" sales channel.  Shopify Point-of-Sale is not supported.

What countries does Recurring Orders support?

Recurring Orders itself has no geographic limitations; however, you will need to determine if a supported payment gateway is available in your region.

Does Shopify still charge a processing fee when recurring orders are created?

No. Recurring Orders are processed through a separate checkout system and as such will not be charged Shopify's transaction fee. Both the Bold transaction fee and other fees charged by your selected payment gateway will apply.

Can I do offline payments, like Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Offline and other manual payment methods are not supported by Recurring Orders.

I already have a Stripe account for Shopify Payments, do I need another?

Yes. Shopify Payments (powered by Stripe) accounts will not work properly with Recurring Orders; a normal Stripe account will need to be created.

What happens if a customer's credit card is declined?

When a customer's credit card is declined, an optional email will be sent out to the customer and store owner notifying them that the card has been declined. The app will attempt to recharge that credit card every 24 hours until the charge goes through or the order is cancelled.

You can view all failed transactions by navigating to the failed transactions tab located at the top of the page: Failed TX -> Failed Logs.

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